Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mix-up at the Times

In an uncharacteristic goof, the Web editors at the New York Times appear to have erroneously attributed a garden variety Friedman column about global flattening to fellow columnist Maureen Dowd. Either that, or Ms. Dowd is now donning a mustache of her own.

What's next — Friedman writing catty columns about the most superficial, personality-driven aspects of our political process, chock-full of demeaning nicknames and snark?

Gail Collins, Nicholas Kristof, Bill Herbert, Frank Rich and Paul Krugman — we urge you to stand strong and resist the temptation to replace your consistently excellent commentary on politics, economics and culture with formulaic columns about off-shoring and globalization. Meanwhile, David Brooks and Bill Kristol — you are free to do as you please, because, truth be told, we stopped reading you months ago.

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